Habits for Successful DevOps

The latest Boston DevOps meetup focused on the habits that are important to encourage for successful DevOps adoptions. My co-organizer, Dave Fredricks, suggested the topic. Topics like culture and collaboration are important, but sharing the daily decisions made in how we approach our work and interact with each other is helpful too.

For the February 24 meetup we had two presentations and three lightning talks. Big thanks to G2 for hosting, LogicMonitor for sponsoring and Anastas Dancha for recording the talks. Join the conversation at our next event and in the Boston DevOps Slack channel.

On to the content!

The Journey to an Agile DevOps Desk
Peter Nealon and Glenn Grant of G2 Technology Group

The merging of a DevOps workload with the traditional Service Desk model presents some significant operational challenges. Peter & Glenn will share with you how they’ve bastardized agile principles to develop the one DevOps Desk to rule them all. Certified scrum masters, bring your earmuffs!

Case Study: Manual to Automated Build and Deployment
Jeff Behl of LogicMonitor

Jeff will cover what they expect from developers, how communication is handled, and how monitoring is an essential foundation for ensuring success.

LogicMonitor is a company founded by, and largely targeted at, Operations teams, perhaps giving us a different view than some on DevOps.

The Benefit of Constraints
Myles Steinhauser

Constraints are not always bad. They can generate creativity and clarify the path forward. Myles explains how and why.

What We Know About Habits
James Meickle

What are habits? How are they formed and why do they persist? How do you create and break them? How are habits different than behaviors? James shares research and his experience.

Binary is for Computers
Cody Mathiason

People are quantum. Binary gender labels are alienating. We can’t, however, just avoid the topic. Cody shares how our everyday actions can create unwelcoming environments and how to start to address the issue.


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